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From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. April 25, 2005.
Some have hate and contempt for me.
Some people see me as extreme, kooky, and uncaring. They are wrong, I'm just a draw back or hold over from the days when most people were independent minded and had strong survival instincts. I'm one that never forgets that all governments eventually go broke. That makes me concerned about this nation’s survival when this government does go broke.

The government going broke is something most people won't believe can happen in this land of plenty. Sure, some will have nothing but contempt for me just for mentioning the unthinkable. I believe in "Duty, honor, country" regardless. People with great wisdom have always stood apart; many have withstood much contempt throughout history. Most people think that big government in its provider role can continue to operate for many, many years to come, I don’t.

I believe government as a provider is the cause of our dire circumstance today; it has all but destroyed our free market economy, our nuclear family system, and our culture. I also know that the role o f government as a super provider is going to finish us off if it continues. What are we to do? Now, when government cut are made it is like turning tame animals loose into the wild to fend for themselves.

The tame animals have little chance of surviving because they have never been conditioned to fend for themselves. It is not fair; we no longer have a strong nuclear and extended family umbrella to protect us. The government caused this so it must provide weaning facilities until people can learn to fend for themselves. Still, government must do what has to be done.

Speaking of wisdom, it was lack of wisdom and sheer lunacy to let big government destroy the nuclear family. Then, it instilled in all these people, the men, the women, the handicapped, the young, and the old, a dependent mentality to rely on a provider government that's going to run out of money.Ever since the beginning of civilization the nuclear family system have kept people alive and organized with or without money.

It is not only dumb and stupid to destroy the nuclear family system, it is societal suicide. The option to privatize and get out of the provider business while we still can is diminishing fast. Otherwise, what is left of our smoldering free market economy and nuclear family system may never rekindle.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. April 12, 2005
I. Frustration, frustration, frustration.

Daily I see the frustration over immigration, the lost of jobs and the overall decline of America. But, the biggest false hope of all is good people with good intentions trying to do what they think will solve the problem. Sure, if it makes one feel better I don't see any harm in people exercising their rights. But, in my view it’s like pissing on a house fire to put it out.

Nothing less than the government giving up its sugar daddy provider role is going to free this nation to save itself. This country was designed for the government to be dependent on the people, not the people dependent on the government. In my view this whole nation’s survival is at stake. Name calling and false blaming are not going to save us. Solving the immigration problem and good jobs won't save us.

Like the cartoon writer said, "I've met the enemy, and it’s me." Our Greatest enemy is us as a do for me dependent socialist minded people. It's true, "All great nations fall from within." Right now most people in this country can't see a problem and don't think our survival is at stake. Sometimes I think my great wisdom is a curse, I see the true problem and answer so clearly it is scary.

Also, I've been preaching it for over ten years, but nobody seems to be listening. It is no longer about being a liberal or conservative because just like the liberals, most conservative can't see the answer either. A hundred years ago the effort for daily survival made just about all people conservative with strong survival instincts.

Not so anymore, we have a nation of do for me dependents with weak survival instincts. Besides, many liberals have been converted overnight to a conservative when a mugger slammed them upside the head or cleaned out their house. The only thing that is going to save this great nation at this late stage is for the government to get the hell out of the provider business now, not tomorrow, period.

Sure, that’s radical, extreme, kooky, and maybe insane, but nothing else is going to save this great nation. There is no painless way to save this nation. A collapse is going to happen one way or another because our government can't carry it’s over burden provider load much longer; a rebirth is going to take place. At lease if we do the privatizing ourselves we will be in control, otherwise, when things collapses we will be at the mercy of overpowering circumstances.

The mentality today tends to be me first, I want mine, I want it all, to hell with the country. Too few people today will place country above self interest. Sure, I understand privatizing is risky, unpredictable, and may destroy the economy but as long as we have food, shelter, and warneth we will survive and regroup, to do nothing is to perish or lose our freedom. It's going to cause mass hardships that will affect me and everyone.

But, its not like we have a choice, to me, it is the height of insanity and denial to just standby fiddling and do nothing in the face of approaching doom. Folks, I'm a writer and have said some cold hard chilly things. I believe I'm right, but, I can only hope that I'm wrong, I mean no harm to anyone, I'm just answering the call to do my duty no matter how small to help save my beloved country. Regarding my great wisdom, "To more is given more is expected." You don't have to agree with me, but, thank you for hearing me out. Glory be to God.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. April 04, 2005
I. Comments on the death penalty and prostitution.

Folks, I think of myself as a self-made writer, philosopher, and neurotic survivor. I'm not now and never intend to be a crusader or saint. I try to be a good man, but I have many flaws and imperfections. After hearing that there would be a strong effort to get rid of the death penalty I decided to make a comment.

I decided to comment on the death penalty and also include prostitution. A writer like me should stay away from certain subjects because they may force me over the line. But, so be it, the water is warm so I'm diving in. Maybe afterward the question will be “How do you like me now?" Being modern and civilized sometimes we forget that life is actually about "The good, the bad, and the ugly." The true fact is only a dependent socialist minded people will tolerate getting rid of the death penalty.

The reason why is you can't have a strong civilization without strong justice. Over time if the state won't administer strong fair justice the people will lose faith and start seeking their own justice. There must be some faith that the state will administer fair justice, otherwise at some point its back to family feuding. No one wants that, because that becomes a way of life with no middle ground. The kids will grow up being unforgiving and hateful.

Prostitution:Is pornography harmless? I’m going to ponder a little deeper into the consequences of watching too much pornography. First off, actually the main sexual organ is between the ears. That means about ninety percent of what happens with sex is mental. Sexual arousal is about focus and concentration. The body only tries to carry out the strongest command image presented to the mind.

When one looks at especially close-up shots of pornography and become aroused it takes very little imagination. Whatever command image is presented to the mind the strongest and most constant becomes dominant. In a normal sexual relation arousal is achieved mainly using the imagination and faith to stay fully aroused. So, when looking at too much pornography the little used sexual imagination becomes less and less dominant until one can’t get up except with pornography.

Age doesn’t have anything to do with it; it can happen to a teenager. However, it is a learned behavior and cannot be erased, but the normal old way can be relearned. To relearn to function in the normal old sexual way will not be easy, it will take time and determination but it can be done. This is the technique one must use: One must with effort practice visualizing or imagining a full erection in detail in action until faith and no need to think about it kicks in.

Now, the downside to the whole matter is one must first want to leave the easy high intensity self-gratifying way behind. Good luck to future generations. As usual one should always check with their doctor first because it is not all mental there is a physical side too. The subject of prostitution is where you will find more hypocrites and self-righteousness than any where else. I'm not condoning anything, I'm just writing my views and observations.

When you go back in history one thing all civilizations had in common was they had the wisdom to leave certain things alone. Prostitution was one of those things. It has always been legal and tolerated throughout history for a very good reason. In fact, it is shallow and stupid to make prostitution illegal, why do you think we have so many child molesters and all kinds of perverts? Sure, regulate it and keep it under control but it should never be made illegal.

Mother Nature gave great pleasure to eating and sex to make sure there will be future generations. Therefore, those with real wisdom tend to leave it alone and not preach and screw around with it. Prostitution is a venting mechanism that takes pressure off the good decent nuclear family way of life. There are certain things you can pretend to get rid of, but in reality you can't and still remain civilized.

We may be human and civilized but we still have animal instincts. Right now, there are more sneaking around after dark than most of us would like to believe. Sexual energy is no fantasy it is real and physical. It is one of the most powerful forces in our make up. Sexual energy can buildup like pressure in a steel drum and if it is not vented in a harmless way society is going to pay a price. It’s not something that can be snuffed out without serious side effects.

Just look around to where the force of some of this energy is popping out in perverted ways. There is a reason why the world's oldest profession is still around. Many will strongly disagree with my observations on this, but in my view the oldest profession has always been and will always be a societal relief valve. It is a relief valve for the unmarried and many other situations. Common sense should tell you what happens when a relief valve is closed off.

Men by nature are aggressive and sometimes one slight touch or one show of affection will prevent their total self-destruction. As it is those that are ugly, antisocial, and with many other imperfections can't find legal sexual relief. Most men can channel their sexual energy into other productive things, but some cannot. Why do you think we have such a long list of child molesters and other perverts now days?

My guess is unvented sexual energy is the leading cause. With no legal relief of sexual energy the only choice for many is self relief. To get sexual relief a lot of men have sold out their soul and true beliefs, then start believing their sold out views as fact that is one reason why you see so many spineless men today. Most of us have seen cases where a young man stays in trouble and is out of control, and then he finds a girl friend or gets married and becomes as calm as a cucumber.

Sure, he may feel more responsible, but the main reason is most of his aggression is being vented. Capitalizing on self sexual relief is what's behind and driving this whole out of control invasive video pornography sex industry. There may be a lot of lookers, but, the ones actually spending big money and buying are viewing for masturbating purpose, which is supporting and allowing all of this sluttish invasive stuff to be in our face.

Surprisingly, women make up almost half of these consumers. However, I got news for anyone watching too much pornography. It can dull ones sexual imagination and lock one in a visual stimulation only mode in order to stay aroused. My intent is not to write how thing should or should not be, but to write things the way they really are. So, "How do you like me now?"

TERRI SCHIAVO IS DEAD AND MY HEART IS HEAVYFrom the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. March 24, 2005
I. Now it’s in your face.

Lately in my writing I have been hollering wake up America, now. Well, it’s happening right now, America has become wide awake. People are in shock, they can't believe what is happening right before their eyes. This awesome display of raw judicial power have definitely awaken and made believers out of a lot of people.

Abortions on demand, the killing of innocent unborn babies have been going on for a long time. That was out of sight in some cool drab room in a hospital or clinic. But now, it’s in your face, you can watch, but you can't stop us. It is no longer just the killing of the unborn, now another notch has been added with a cruel inhumanely slow starvation method.

Life is not perfect and America is not perfect, still in my view this is the greatest country on earth; otherwise I wouldn't have the freedom to write this comment.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. March 25, 2005
I. The starvation case is a divine morality test.(If we fail, this country will never be able to get back to business as usual).

We are a nation ruled by law, and I believe in the rule of law as strong as anyone. But, I also believe ultimately the will and instinct to survive is more power than any law. Part of me and those with strong survival instincts all over the world are suffering and dying right along with Terri. In so many ways America is the leader and conscience of the world.

The whole world is watching and waiting. Will we past this moral test? The stakes in this is a lot higher than we think. This is what our welfare state has brought us to, masses of people with weak morals and weak survival instincts. I see this as the beginning of our struggle to survive as a nation of free people. No one wants to live in the condition of Terri, But that doesn't give anyone the God given right to intentional slow starve her to death.

We are not losing this country; we have already lost it from a survival point of view, just look at illegal immigration and our economical condition. The big problem is how we are going to take it back. The only way to take it back is back to basics. That can only be done by first rebuilding the nuclear family, then that will restore strong moral and family values. Otherwise, I will guarantee you we will not take our country back and survive as a free people. You can laugh and call me a kook, but you can't prove me wrong. Glory be to God.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. March 26, 2005
I. A word to the wiseWhen Terri is publicly killed in a cruel Ungodly manner like this the legal circumstance won't matter.

In the eyes of the world the only thing America has left is its power. Its great moral beacon will flash no more. Awesome power with no soul can be a very frightful thing. The world will become afraid and distrustful of us.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. March 27, 2005
I. Last comment on Terri.

Awesome power without a soul or sense of humanity is a very frightful thing. If we don't have the guts to kill her humanely, let her live, period. But, this long drawn out gut wrenching public killing not only involve Terri, it is tormenting me and millions of people with strong survival instincts all over the world. May God rest her soul in peace? I forgive the judges and our system of government that let her die. Glory be to God. Amen.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. March 28, 2005
I. Lord have mercy on the United States of America.(We are going to need it in the soon coming troubled times, plus we have failed the divine moral test.

Only a forgiving God will have mercy on this great, great nation when we as a nation would not have mercy on innocent Terri, God bless her soul). Reaping what you sow is not just a religious quote; it is a fact of life. When you plant or sow corn you reap corn, not cotton. Even when you sow a good moral crop you still have wild weeds to contend with.

We as a nation have allowed weak morals to let the wild weeds take over. No amount of physical power is going to save us as a nation of free people unless we get back to the basics. To survive an economical collapse or any W.M.D. calamity we must be able to survive without money or oil long enough to regroup and reorganize. There is no way that that can happen unless we as a nation privatize back to the basics.

Otherwise, I personally don't see any hope of the United States of America surviving as a nation of free people. This, in your face public murder of an innocent brain damaged woman is the country's beginning struggle to survive as a nation of free people. This country no longer holds the moral high ground around the world. But, still there is so much good about this great, great nation.

In seventy years the liberals have destroyed the nuclear family and the moral fabric of this country and will finish it off if good men of sound judgment in power continue to stand by and do nothing. Be aware, there are liberal republicans as well as there are conservative democrats. From a survival point of view we have almost nothing left except police and military power. You don't have to agree with anything I write, I only write what my great wisdom dictates to me.

But, at least I preach a solution whether one agrees or not. I believe God is a forgiving God and there are still enough people with good morals left in America for God to save this nation as a free people. Don't insult my intelligence; I know murder when I see it. Here, I'm the judge!

Updated: This day in the year of our Lord Thursday the thirty first day of March two thousand five A.D. Terri is dead. My heart is heavy.

Life will go on and I will go on. But, things will not be the same, and will never be the same until our moral soul has been restored. Sure, Terri may have died a physical death, but her recorded soul and spirit lives on in the hearts of millions, and no phony poll is going to change that fact. Glory be to God. Some dear soul tried to give her a last sip of water and they wouldn't even let her have that. Amen.

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. March 11, 2005
I. The chapter 7 underground rail road.

Compound interest with its unrelenting tightening iron grip is going make hoards of American citizen’s financial slaves for the rest of their lives without the egress of chapter 7. THere are always two sides to every issue. "You can't expect bears to resist free honey."

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. March 3, 2005
I. How did our circuit of existence come about?

The other day I was listening to this commentator and he asked something to this effect, "Can you prove that we are not the most intelligent beings in the universe." I thought about that and decided to ponder the question. I'm not sure if I or anyone can prove it but I know there is a higher power, you can call him God, Jehovah, Allah, A superior being, or whatever.

You see, we are in a mental box called logic. We are locked in and cannot escape. With only logic we will never be able to understand the beginning of our existence or our purpose here on earth. Logic dictates that there had to be a beginning at some point in time, which makes it impossible to ever understand our existence with only logic. The actual facts are man doesn't truly know what time or existence mean.

Computers are locked in a binary system and cannot escape. Computers respond only to a negative or a positive polarity. Super computers are super fast but they still can't get past the binary system. Our five senses connects us to reality, otherwise there would be no reality. Does that mean there would still be reality if no life could sense it? Like the old question: "If a tree fell in the Forrest and there were nothing or no body there to hear it, would there be a sound?"

Who knows, in time other senses could evolve to produce a higher level of intelligent. There are animals that have senses that can match almost anything we can do with modern technology and probably countless other things we haven't discovered and are not aware of. There are animals that have senses of radar, sonar, electricity, and many other things that modern technology can and cannot do.

Who knows, there may be infinite worlds and dimensions coexisting with us that we don't have the senses to detect. Who knows how Nessie and Bigfoot come and goes. In most of the animal world smell is the dominant sense and is many, many times more powerful than ours. Down wind a polar bear can smell prey almost a hundred miles away. It is almost unbelievable what a blood hound can do with the sense of smell.

Logic dictates that there must be a beginning to everything. Just think of the old riddle, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Being boxed in with logic we can't even solve a simple little riddle like that. But, we know the answer must lie somewhere. We understand relativity; nothing doesn’t just happen with no connection. In closing, wise men realized long ago that our power to reason was limited, so for the sake of sanity there must be a deity or deities with all the answers.

I totally agree. Wait, hold on a moment, I've decided to delve deeper into this chicken and egg riddle. Actually there is no such thing as which came first in the "Which came first, the chicken or the egg riddle." The chicken or the egg riddle is actually a life cycle circuit which is a unit of one. No matter how many parts a circuit has it still operates as one unit. My observation of the unit of one oneness opens up far deeper questions, but I will leave it there for now.

Sure, life can evolve and adapt, but, a beginning life cycle circuit must be made, powered, maintained, and exist for some purpose. We humans don't make electrical circuits without some purpose.